An intensive course for professionals looking to get a deep and rapid understanding of blockchain concepts.


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What you'll learn

Core concepts

We'll go deep into understand core blockchain and its true value proposition. We'll make it easy understand how cryptography is used as the bedrock for blockchain, the different components of blockchain such as blocks, accounts and Merkle trees come together into a fully orchestrated machinery with consensus algorithms.

decentralized finance

We'll start with understanding what decentralized finance is and the different categories and uses cases including automated market makers, prediction markets and money markets. We'll then dig into how Uniswap, walking through a step-by-step analysis of its underlying workings to uncover key concepts like constant product formula and divergence loss.


ignoring the hype, we'll unpack what non-fungible tokens are, how they are shaping the future of how we do commerce, finance and, of course, art. NFTs are not just about art but a specific approach to using the blockchain. We'll discuss how an NFT can be minted, how they work underneath, what IPFS and metadata are and what some of the emerging use cases are.


With the foundation from the above, we'll look what the metaverse is and how it combines several technologies to create new experiences. We'll explore some of the biggest metaverse markets and try to understand the valuations that are occurring in these virtual worlds.

central bank digital currencies

We'll wrap up the course with a deep analysis of CBDCs. We'll look at the difference between retail and wholesale CBDCs, the concept of legal tender, how these definitions are blurring, where the major central banks are in the adoptions, the challenges that they face and what the future may look like.

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